We forge tools for the
new industrial class

The New Industrialists

We’re here for the makers, the doers, the bootstrappers, and the producers. Those unwilling to let a Saturday get in the way of making something awesome. The artisans creating something new. You’ll find them striking it out on their own, or growing a small band of craftsmen just like them. They’re in the cities and in the countryside. They’re busy forging tomorrow’s world. Tomorrow’s products. Tomorrow’s books. Tomorrow’s businesses. Tomorrow’s music. Tomorrow’s software. They’re writing, building, filming, designing, publishing, drawing, and inspiring.

We’re here for the new industrialists.

Our Philosophy

We believe that when leveraged thoughtfully, form is function. We believe that armed with better tools for the job, you can produce a better result. Ask any chef, they’ll back us up. We believe in building things that are fundamentally innovative, in solving unsolved problems, and in designing products that are deeply empathetic. We love designing interfaces that power complex and innovative products but that are as easy to use as a pencil. We believe the surest way to be proud of our work is to make sure it improves people’s lives.

Above all, purpose drives all that we do.

Read more about the Mindsense philosophy and audience focus in our fifth birthday rebrand breakdown.

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Mail Pilot has ranked #1 in 90 countries in either the entire store or the productivity category.


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This is a book for product makers striving to
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using the psychology of optimal experience.

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