A book for product designers striving to design world-class products users will love using the psychology of optimal experience. By Alexander Obenauer, Mindsense Founder

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Hey there,

Thanks for checking out Form Is Function. I want to share with you what cognitive science teaches us about the well-researched psychology of optimal experience and other psychological phenomena that serve as the underpinnings to designing truly great, intuitive, and empathetic software.

I’ll explore — at length — a set of 10 rules you can use to create products that help your users achieve optimal experience, known as being “in flow”. With each rule, I’ll share examples and case studies, exercises and thought starters, all so you can design world-class software, whether you’re just starting to explore product design, or you’re ten versions deep into a product you need to perfect.

At Mindsense, we’ve long believed that, when leveraged thoughtfully, form is function. This book is a strong testament to that belief, by breaking down case studies of industry-leading examples, including our own. I'll share with you the principles, rooted in psychology, that helped us design far better products of our own. So much better that they landed in the #1 spot in the entire Mac App Store in over 50 countries, as well as in the elusive 1K club on Product Hunt.

I will walk you through the well-researched psychological phenomenons that product designers should understand and take advantage of to create world-class, deeply intuitive and engaging products, and how to apply them to your own product designs through case studies, examples, exercises, and thought starters.

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Most of all, I hope this book helps support a deeply fulfilling hobby or career of yours,

— Alex