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Just as we did before the first-ever Mail Pilot for Mac release, as we put the final touches on Mail Pilot 3 "Carbon Fiber", we’ll be running a Public Preview. This one will be different though — it will include most of the Yacht Club perks such as Mail Pilot Discovery Edition and the Yacht Club exclusive Slack community.

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How does the Public Preview work?

Soon, we’ll be running a Public Preview that will include most of the Yacht Club perks. It will run until Mail Pilot 3 launches, and it will be free and open to anyone during that time. It will include the Mail Pilot Discovery Edition app, which will be filled with everything we’re preparing to release in Mail Pilot 3 for Mac, as well as access to the Yacht Club exclusive Slack community.

What happens when Mail Pilot 3 launches?

When we launch Mail Pilot 3, if you decide to join the Yacht Club, you’ll keep all of the perks (and get some additional ones) for just a few dollars a month. If you decide it’s not for you, no worries — you’ll be removed from the Slack, and you can purchase Mail Pilot 3 to replace your Discovery Edition app.

After Mail Pilot 3 is released, the Discovery Edition will begin to receive two categories of updates:

  • Huge new features we’ll be testing for the next version of Mail Pilot that can ~10x a heavy email user’s productivity (and ~2x a light user’s productivity)
  • Advanced features that incur an ongoing cost, and therefore cannot be included in the versioned Mail Pilot apps.