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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

— Mark Twain

For those who crave more

When you join the Mail Pilot Yacht Club, you are doing a lot more than simply supporting great software. You’re investing in the future of innovation in email — and getting access to it before it’s public. You’re getting the chance to shape the future of Mail Pilot, and email itself, by getting tomorrow’s innovations today, and by sharing your thoughts in the Yacht Club exclusive Slack community. With the Discovery Edition of Mail Pilot, you and your productivity will always be one step ahead. Only Yacht Club members — founding supporters of Mail Pilot — get access to the Discovery Edition and the Slack community. Oh yeah — priority support and always having access to the latest versions of Mail Pilot are great perks, too.
Mail Pilot Discovery Edition for Mac

A special version of Mail Pilot for Mac, loaded with all of the features we're working on for the next major version of Mail Pilot, plus some Discovery Edition-exclusive features. We have some amazing new concepts we've been dying to introduce to Mail Pilot — you’ll get them as we build them, and you’ll get to help us shape and refine them with your feedback. Crafted for you, these features will help you be uber-productive. That, and more, only in the Discovery Edition — the perfect app for Mail Pilot's biggest fans.

Access to the Yacht Club exclusive Slack Community

Our Slack group is the place to discuss the cutting-edge features in Mail Pilot Discovery Edition, as well as ideate on new features and directions. You’ll get fast support in the #support channel. And we have a number of off-topic channels for discussions with like-minded fellow YC members, like #apple (where we’ll host watch parties during keynotes), #software-development, #software-design, and more. We'll host office hours, community events, and weekly discussions — all this, and more, in the Yacht Club exclusive Slack community.

Priority Support

And you don’t even have to use email! Just post in the Yacht Club Slack #support channel, and your question will be prioritized for a member of our team to respond to first.

A sustainable Mail Pilot

As a member of the founding community, you’ll be helping to ensure that Mail Pilot will stay in active development every week of the year. By trying out the latest and greatest ideas from Mindsense, and sharing your feedback, you’ll be helping to craft the future of Mail Pilot, and email. If enough of the crowd joins on, everyone gets a Mail Pilot that is loved and cared for every single day, pushing new innovations into email.

Every current version of Mail Pilot

Besides access to the Discovery Edition, you also get access to every current numbered version of Mail Pilot. And if you decide to leave the Yacht Club, you get to keep the current numbered version of Mail Pilot (as long as you’ve been a member for long enough to pay for the regular version of the app).

Try out the Yacht Club

Soon, we're launching a Public Preview that will include most of the Yacht Club perks, and it'll be free for the duration of the Public Preview.

For more information on how the Public Preview will work, see the Mail Pilot Public Preview page.

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